Software Assurance

The software comes with a 3 month manufacturer's warranty and 12 months of complimentary Software Assurance (see below for registration details). For support outside this period or for the right to upgrade to a later release of software, a software assurance contract is required.

Software Assurance is Mondago's software subscription and support program specifically designed to maximize the value of Go Communicator solutions. With Software Assurance, a business can profit from product enhancements made available in future software releases and schedule upgrades at a time that suits their business. Mondago's Software Assurance is designed to protect a customer's investment in its products through the product life cycle. Customers subscribing to Software Assurance will gain the following benefits:

  • Right to upgrade to the latest 'Major' or 'Minor' version of the product, ensuring the customer can benefit from new product features and functions
  • Maximise product effectiveness with access to product and technical support

Note:Access to support is for faults and technical support only. Installation or other planned changes may incur additional fees and charges.

Complimentary Software Assurance

Twelve months of complimentary Software Assurance is available (from the original purchase date) if the product is registered for Software Assurance within the initial three month warranty period. Online registration can be completed using the registration form- click here. For year two and onwards, the annual price would be 20% of the one-time RRP (as published at the time of renewal).

What happens if the customer does not subscribe to Software Assurance?

A customer not subscribing to Software Assurance is not eligible for either product or technical support, or able to make major/minor upgrades to their registered version of the product. Customers not already subscribing to Software Assurance and wishing to upgrade to a newer major/minor release version of Software have the following options available:

Option 1:
To subscribe or re-subscribe to Software Assurance, the customer must purchase software assurance for each month of lapsed cover plus a minimum of one (1) full year of service from the date of request. A one-time reinstatement fee will also be applied to cover contract set up and installation health checks.
Option 2:
The customer can re-purchase the latest version of software. Software Assurance can be added as normal including access to any special or promotional pricing options which may available at the time of purchase.

Note:in both cases any outstanding support requests will be resolved on a time and material basis and will not be covered by the new contract.

Technical support given to customers not subscribing to Software Assurance will be charged per hour of support given. A minimum of one hour will be charged for all support calls and any additional time required will be charged in minimum units of 1 hour.

What Happens at the end of the Contract Term?

Mondago will send a contract renewal reminder 1-2 months prior to the renewal date specifying the contract will be automatically renewed unless otherwise notified. Any renewal will be a period of 12 months unless otherwise agreed.

For further details and pricing contact our sales department: [email protected].